SAP Business Application Studio

A powerful and modern development environment, tailored for efficient development of business applications for the Intelligent Enterprise. Available as a cloud service, SAP Business Application Studio provides desktop-like experience similar to leading IDEs with command line, integrated debugging and optimized code editors. At the heart of SAP business Application Studio are the Dev Spaces, which are like isolated virtual machines in the cloud containing tailored tools and pre-installed runtimes per business scenario, such as: SAP Fiori, SAP S/4 HANA extensions and more. This simplifies and saves time in setting up your development environment and allows you to efficiently develop, test, build, and run your solution locally or in the cloud.

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SAP Business Application Studio is Generally Available!

Following a successful beta, SAP Business Application Studio has recently been released to customers on Azure, AWS, Ali-Cloud.

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SAP Business Application Development

Create a full-stack business application using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.

OpenSAP: Building Applications with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

SAP Fiori Overview

Take the openSAP course to learn what SAP Fiori is, how to design, develop, adapt, and get it up and running

OpenSAP: SAP Fiori Overview: Design, Develop and Deploy

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SAP Business Application Studio


Build SAP Fiori apps

Build SAP Fiori user experience (UX) that works smoothly and efficiently with SAP applications. High productivity tools jumpstart app creation and allow developers to be consistent with best practices and improve app quality. You can launch new business scenarios by developing your own apps.

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Mobile App Development

Quickly develop, configure, and run enterprise-grade cross-platform mobile apps that provide access to enterprise data​

Blog: Create your Mobile Development Kit (MDK) app in SAP Business Application Studio

Create SAP S/4HANA Extensions

Develop and run a full-fledged cloud service within minutes using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. Benefit from accelerated development turnarounds in SAP Business Application Studio.

Introduction to SAP Cloud Application Programming ModelOpenSAP: Building Applications with SAP Cloud Application Programming ModelTutorial: Bookstore Application Using Node.jsTutorial: Bookstore Application Using Java