SAP Fiori Elements

Improve the efficiency of your development teams and ensure consistency across your SAP apps by using standard page types to build applications. Using SAP Fiori elements to build apps that rely on SAP data can save you time and money on both development and maintenance costs. SAP Fiori elements is a library of several common floorplans that gives you a head start on developing applications that connect to data in SAP back-end systems.

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See customer presentation on SAP Fiori elements from ASUG Forward

The U.S. Department of the Interior developed several Analytical List Report apps using SAP Fiori elements and SAP Fiori tools. Users are now more productive, make fewer errors, and require less training to get their work done.

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Watch the Using SAP Fiori elements video series

This video series features developers explaining how they use SAP Fiori elements to build their apps and how it saves them time and delivers a consistent user experience every time.

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Learn about the different page types that SAP Fiori elements supports

SAP Fiori elements has different page types to suit most business scenarios: • Overview page • List report • Object page • Analytical list report • Worklist

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Read how SAP Fiori elements streamlines SAPUI5 development

SAP Fiori elements generates SAP Fiori apps at runtime from existing OData services. It uses annotations to define attributes and relationships among your data. It is built on top of SAPUI5, SAP’s HTML5 development toolkit.

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