Power HR Analytics with External Data

Understanding your business requires you to have insight on all the market forces that influence it. But getting access to 3rd party data that enhances your analytics can be challenging. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, we are helping you unlock the power of external data with simplicity through Data Marketplace. Join us for our upcoming webinar to see how you can accelerate your HR analytics with data from PwC’s Saratoga, the world’s leading source of workforce management.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a Software as a service offering to build a data warehouse in the cloud that unites all your data sources in one solution, maintaining the security, trust, and semantic richness of your information. It is an end to end data management and decision-making solution in SAP’s enterprise data warehouse strategy which combines the powerful data management capabilities of SAP HANA with the broad advanced analytics capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud.

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An Introduction

Data warehouse-as-a-service offering designed for business and IT

What is SAP Data Warehouse CloudThe Forrester Wave: Data Management for AnalyticsArchitecture OverviewBuy Now

Customer Success Stories

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

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SAP BW bridge for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Integrate the BW-based data ingestion & staging options in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud​

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Getting Started

Get an overview of the product and take the first steps of setting up your account.

Onboarding GuideWhat are the Technical Requirements?Get to Know the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud InterfaceHow to Add Users and Assign Roles

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Spaces help you to manage resources and customize SAP Data Warehouse Cloud's user experience to the use cases that matter most to each individual or team. In this module, you'll get a look at how you can set up and manage Spaces for your business.

What are Spaces?How to Create SpacesCreating an Open SQL Schema in a SpaceHow to Monitor your SpacesPower Hour Workshop: Introduction to Spaces


Built on the concept of cross-application warehousing, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud prides itself with its openness and flexibility. Connect to third-party ETL tools, utilize a great variety of different data sources, and experience the full potential of a data warehouse in the cloud.

Connection TypesHow to Create Remote ConnectionsConnecting to OData Service ProvidersConnecting to On-Premise SourcesHow to Connect a BI ToolConnecting to ABAP, SAP HANA, and OData

Data Preparation

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud allows you to use a great variety of data sources and types. At times, this data needs to be prepared before it's ready to be analyzed. This module will teach you how to start collecting and cleaning your data.

How to Upload Flat Files and Create Data SetsWhat is the Repository Explorer?What is the Data Integration Monitor?How to load and monitor remote tables with the Data Integration Monitor

Data Modeling

Preparing your data with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud ensures that it will be ready for use in reports and data Stories. In this module, you'll learn how to define your data structure using tools and features like the Data Builder, Semantic Layer, SQL modeling, and more.

What is Data Modeling?How to Start Modeling Your Data Using a Graphical ViewWhat is the Business Layer?What is Entity-Relationship Modeling?When to use SQL modeling vs. Graphical modelingHow to migrate SAP Data Warehouse Cloud ContentMore Data Modeling Guides ...