SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication service is a cloud service for secure authentication and user management in SAP cloud and on-premise applications. It provides services for authentication, single sign-on, and user management.

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Join our new CEI: Unified User Interfaces for Identity and Access Management

The new Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) "Unified User Interfaces for Identity and Access Management" is now open for registration until November 9, 2019. We are planning to develop new UIs for handling identity and access management configurations. Register now and give feedback about the usability of the current solution. And share your requirements and ideas how consolidated, consistent UIs should look like.

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How to Run Identity and Access Management for the Intelligent Enterprise

Watch the SAP TechEd 2019 session replay and get to know the out-of-the-box functionality that can help you to run your SAP applications in a secure and compliant way. And find out how you can integrate that functionality with your existing solution for identity and access management.

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Demo Video of SAP Cloud Platform Identity and Access Management Services

Watch our new demo video and find out how to simplify the onboarding process for new employees, integrate with various applications, and protect your company assets with appropriate authorizations and secure logon.

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Identity Lifecycle in Hybrid Landscapes

This new guide explains how identity and access management (IAM) software from SAP supports building successful software integrations in cloud and hybrid environments and provides a seamless user experience while ensuring security and compliance.

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