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Product and Topic Expert
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Welcome to the first SAP BTP Innobytes release of 2024!

Technology is evolving faster than ever and SAP BTP is certainly no stranger to innovation. This month we will dive into three technological advancements that are sparking excitement and curiosity. First up and out of the Application Development area, we have Authorization Management of SAP Cloud Identity Services. Served up next out of the Integration space – Edge Integration Cell. Lastly out of the hot area of the month, year, and potentially even decade, Artificial Intelligence with the Generative AI Hub in SAP AI Core. For a fresh peak at these SAP BTP Innovation hits, roll the video. For the information and a slower, more leisurely pace, read the highlights below.

Application Development Innovations on SAP BTP

Authorization Management of SAP Cloud Identity Services

As a developer authorizations are extremely important. They allow you to give your end users access to critical data and functionality in a controlled way. This protects your company from damage caused by mistakes or even malicious behavior. However, managing authorizations is often painful. Making sure that everybody has exactly the right level of access can be complex and hard to achieve.

With the new authorization management service of the SAP Cloud Identity services, we ease that pain for developers on SAP BTP. When you define an authorization policy, you can decide under which conditions access shall be given, and whether these conditions can later be adapted. Once your application is deployed on SAP BTP, an administrator can take your authorization policy and customize it with concrete conditions based on the business context. This allows the administrator to centrally fine-tune access in a convenient UI.

To get started with the new authorization management for SAP BTP applications, check out:

Topic Expert: @Christian_Cohrs 

Integration Innovations on SAP BTP

Edge Integration Cell for SAP Integration Suite

Have you considered moving to SAP Integration Suite, but then realized that running all your integration scenarios through the public internet was not an option due to data compliance and governance use cases?
To address this and many similar use cases, we have recently released Edge Integration Cell. It is a new flexible hybrid integration runtime, offered as an optional extension to SAP Integration Suite, part of SAP BTP, enabling customers to manage APIs, and run their integration scenarios within customer-managed private landscapes.

Some of the key highlights of Edge Integration Cell are:
That it offers a migration path for PI/PO customers, to move to SAP Integration Suite, and still be able to run some scenarios within their private landscapes and process data locally.
It provides a flexible deployment option where you can design, configure, and monitor APIs and integrations in the cloud but run them within your private landscape.
It comes with a simplified licensing model where one entitlement of Edge Integration Cell is included with every SAP Integration Suite tenant.

For more information check out:

Topic Expert: @finny_babu 

Artificial Intelligence Innovations on SAP BTP

Generative AI Hub in SAP AI Core

With the rise of generative AI, accessing large language models from different providers for productive purposes can be a lengthy and risky process without the proper legal and commercial framework in place.

Generative AI Hub in SAP AI Core now generally available, allows developers to orchestrate a broad range of top-rated large language models.

The Generative AI Hub provides tooling to prompt engineering and experimentation to accelerate the development of generative AI applications, in a secure and trusted way. AI development teams can submit a prompt to multiple large language models, compare the generated outcomes to identify the best-suited model for their task, and gain greater control and transparency within the built-in prompt history. They can then choose to consume LLMs such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or the Falcon 40b model using SAP AI Core via an API or the user-friendly interface of SAP AI Launchpad. Other LLMs are planned to be available soon as part of the Generative AI Hub.

Get started with the Generative AI Hub by checking out the links below:

Topic Experts: @HadiHares and @Paul_P 

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