SAP offers a comprehensive portfolio of security products and services that provide you with the tools you need to protect your data - and your business.

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Enterprise Security Services – Security for the Cloud Age

Enterprise Security Services is a new concept that can help you securely develop and administrate cloud-based solutions. It enables developers to reuse security services, so they can develop secure and compliant applications without re-inventing the wheel. It also provides administrators with a holistic overview of their options for operating secure cloud applications.

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SAP Cybersecurity Solutions Webinar Series

Join our new webinar series to get insights how SAP solutions and services work together to help protecting your business organization from cyber-attacks and safeguarding SAP system integrity and confidentiality. Click the link below where you will find information about the webinar series and register individually for each webinar you would like to attend.

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SAP Insider: Protect Your SAP Systems from Cyberattacks

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection enables organizations to quickly identify threats as they are happening and address them before serious damage occurs. This new SAPinsider article looks at the tool's setup options for meeting different requirements and how the tool addresses pressing needs for protecting modern SAP landscapes.

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Troubleshooting the Authorization and Trust Management Service (XSUAA)

Did you know that we have a tool called "Guided Answers" where we provide troubleshooting information for multiple scenarios for the Authorization and Trust Management Service in the Cloud Foundry Environment? We also offer a script that enables advanced logging options so you can identify problems better and provide detailed logs to SAP Support.

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Simple and Secure Cloud Access

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication service is a cloud service for secure authentication and user management in SAP cloud and on-premise applications.

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Simple Cloud Identity Lifecycle Management

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning service helps you provision identities and their authorizations to various cloud and on-premise business applications.

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SAP Cloud Platform Security

Explore the security services and features in SAP Cloud Platform and their functional capabilities.

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Enhance the User Experience and Strengthen Security

SAP Single Sign-On gives users secure access to SAP and non-SAP applications with a single password. Enhance the user experience, strengthen cybersecurity, and streamline administration.

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Reduce Risk and Manage User Access

Embed identity management into your business processes for tighter IT security. Reduce risk and centrally manage user access across your enterprise with SAP Identity Management.

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Cybersecurity Monitoring

Identify, analyze, and neutralize cyberattacks before they impact your organization with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection.

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SAP NetWeaver Platform Security

With SAP Code Vulnerability Analyzer you can easily and efficiently locate security risks in your ABAP source code. The Read Access Logging (RAL) tool for SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP allows you to monitor and log read access to sensitive data. And with the Unified Connectivity (UCON) framework you can secure Remote Function Calls (RFCs).

SAP Code Vulnerability AnalyzerRead Access Logging (RAL)Unified Connectivity (UCON)