SAP offers a comprehensive portfolio of security products and services that provide you with the tools you need to protect your data - and your business.

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Developing Secure Applications in a Multi-Cloud Environment

In this new blog series, we will explore developing secure applications on the SAP Cloud Platform. Learn all about the concepts of UAA and XSUAA, how you can use XSUAA for authentication and authorization, and more.

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SAP Security Patch Day – A Decade of Commitment to Transparency

SAP has just completed 10 years of disclosing security patches on the second Tuesday of every month. SAP collaborates with MITRE to extend its public disclosure of patches issued on SAP’s products.

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SAP Insider: Making SAP S/4HANA Secure from the Start

An SAP S/4HANA project brings with it a range of exciting new features and functionality. This article explains how to implement a secure access and integration infrastructure for your SAP S/4HANA project.

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Evolving Identity Authentication and Identity Provisioning into SAP Cloud Identity Services

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication service and SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning service are now part of SAP Cloud Identity Services. Learn more about the holistic identity and access management approach.

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Cloud Identity Services

SAP offers cloud-based identity services that provide basic capabilities for user authentication and provisioning, which is a core requirement for all integration and/or extension scenarios of the Intelligent Enterprise. SAP provides these services under the umbrella brand SAP Cloud Identity Services, a group of cloud services for secure authentication, single sign-on, user provisioning, and more.

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Hybrid Identity and Access Management

When it comes to securing on-premise landscapes, most companies have invested in proven SAP software to ensure the protection of their data and business processes. Today, most companies are running a hybrid model – a combination of cloud and on-premise systems. SAP provides options for bringing cloud-based security solutions together with existing on-premise security solutions.

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Secure Development Services

SAP offers secure development services that enable developers to design secure business applications for the cloud. By reusing security services, you can develop secure and compliant applications without re-inventing the wheel. Developers need a platform which is ready for enterprise-grade business applications, and SAP Cloud Platform can help you with this challenge.

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Risk and Compliance

SAP offers cloud-based security services in the area of risk and compliance, comprising topics such as segregation of duties, access certification, and business role management or the compliant collection of consumer data.

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By moving solutions into the cloud, security insight and control are getting more and more important to companies. Questions arise about such topics as which certifications are necessary and where the current operating status can be seen. Also, where the data is located and what critical data movements have taken place.

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