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What is a RAG application?RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) is like giving a super-smart robot access to a huge library of books (In our example it is SAP HANA Vector Engine) so it can find the right answers when you ask it questions. It works by ...
This blog aims to:Show how easy it is to create a working prototype using Joule AICreate MVP in minutes using Joule AIExplore the generated codeExplore some simple use casesThe GitHub links for source code are provided as well to study the code as it...
 IntroductionThe newly released SAP Build Code has Joule AI integrated to speed up the development. The AI assistant can be used to generate application logic, data models, fiori apps, test scripts, sample data, service definitions and so on. The ass...
The Payroll Control Center automates payroll procedures. In traditional payroll operations, strict deadlines dictate when employee payments and tax declarations must be submitted. These deadlines define the payroll processing timeframe in a backward ...