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Given an ALV table with a NUMC column, it is possible to enter a text value there (say, 'test'), but a pop-up error message will be shown. Is it possible to intervene programmatically (data_changed?), replace 'test' with '123' and have ALV validat...
Is it possible to use BSV (User Status) framework with a custom (Z) object?
For a package coming from a different system, I have mass-changed its Original System to match the current system. SE03 shows, that all objects were affected by the change, SE80 opens the code without modification assistant. Eclipse ADT also opens ...
I am totally confused by the behavior of /SCWM/TAAREAD_READ_BINS. Given the following storage bins and the following activity area definition I would expect bins A and C to be returned for activity area AC (bins B and D for activity area ...
Given a namespace prefix /XYZ/, I created a structure /XYZ/S_STRUCT with fields /XYZ/FIELD1 ... /XYZ/FIELDN and included this structure into an SAP standard table. The table activation resulted in usual warnings "Field ... does not lie within custome...