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Here is my model var oData = [{ "GroupName": "2017 Mar", "SubGroupName": "SC", "Values": "7" }, { "GroupName": "2017 Mar", "SubGroupName": "SC", "Values": "8" }, { "GroupName": "2017 Mar", "SubGroupName": "SC", "Values": "9" }, { "GroupName": "201...
Hello AllIs there any way to include a button inside a Generic Tile with a micro chart also?The idea is to refresh the content inside the tile based on an user action.RegardsBobu George
I have the following XML snippet<GenericTile header="Revenue Dynamics" frameType="OneByOne" press="press"> <tileContent> <TileContent footer="Column chart"> <content> <mc:ColumnMicroChart columns="{/results}"> <mc:columns> <mc:ColumnMicroChartData va...
Hello All,I am getting which works fine, only after page is loadedthis.getOwnerComponent().getModel("tiles").getProperty("/d/results");But I am getting a undefined when using the same code in oInit() or afterRendering() methods. Surprisingly(to me, a...
HelloI have this JSON, which i am trying to bind to a table.{    "sports": [        {            "leagues": [                {                    "teams": [                        {                            "id": 1,                            "loca...