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Hi,feel ashamed about this but...i do not know why but today i cannot use neither F6 nor F8 while debugging.function keys in my keyboard do not respond.Any hint?guess i accidentally might have deactivated them but i do not know how to enable them aga...
Hi,in this blog:i´ve added a comment and this message has appeared:I am not new to posting on SCN, Why have i received this message?Best regards.
This is a job offer i´ve received this evening:Buenas tardes,Necesitamos un Programador ABAP para una colaboración de 1-2 jornadasen uno de nuestros clientes del sector logístico en Madrid.La necesidad que tienen se reduce a entre 2-5 jornadas mensua...
Hi,im working on a report where there is a call to an RFC function module.Within this RFC function module there is a call to fm SRM_RECORD_GETELEMENTS:  CALL FUNCTION 'SRM_RECORD_GETELEMENTS'    EXPORTING      OBJECTID               = OBJECTID      D...
Hi,in a z report several calls to fm BAPI_NETWORK_MAINTAIN are done.Using ST12 i can see that one cause of low performance is this select (within fm CN_LDST_SHORTTX_UPDATE_PREPARE    SELECT * FROM cnldst_shorttx BYPASSING BUFFER                  APP...