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XSA app port

Hi all,

I built a HANA XSA app for the node.js build pack. It is a https server. I used expresse framwork for implementation. I am able to deploy and run the app. I am little puzzled now bout the ports, I have to use to access the functionality of this app via http. In my code I specify

app.set('port', process.env.PORT || 52002);

In my manifest.yml I write:

port: 53033

When I do xs apps after I successfully finished xs push I see

which is as expected.

Unluckily I am not able to access the app with this url.

I write a log to stdout in my app and list the port after the app using after it is started and waiting for incoming requests. Is see there a port number completely different from the configured one

It is incrementing every time I do a new deploy. It started at 50015. This port can be used for accessing it.

I am using HANA XSA SPS11.

What I a doing wrong? Any usefull idea how to solve this issue is very welcome.

best regards


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Answers (1)

Hi Wolfgang,

Probably a bit late, but I met a similar situation.

As I understand, XSA assigns ports dynamically and does not care about your Node.js port.

But if you need to change port, I would try to use XS CLI somethin like this :

xs map-route YUOR_APP_NAME -p 52002

It works for me.

Hope it helps to somebody else 🙂