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Hi folks,

Could someone explain the meaning of " Created workflow template to realease purchase order requisition and configure the organizational structure to set up the responsbile persons and parties for receiving the notifications" .

Actually i am new to workflow and trying to understand what it is.

If anyone can explain what is workflow and also the sentence above, it would be of great help!!

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Tpenmetcha!

I had the same requirement at one of my projects.

Basically you got to know the MM process flow in here:

- Generation of Material requirement: Material requirement can be generated through Sales dept or individual user department.

- Purchase Requisition: Once material requirement is identified then purchase requisition can be created. It can be automatic through MRP or manually by individual user / user dept.

- Request for Quotation: Purchasing dept will collect the purchase requisition and send request for quotation to the vendor/s.

- Vendor Selection: Once purchasing dept receives notifications from the vendor, it's time for vendor selection to find out the best suitable vendor for releasing purchase order. During the vendor selection, several factors will be accounted i.e. rate, quality, and lead time, after supply service.

Keeping this in view, as you are using workflow at your client place to reduce the amount of work involved in monitoring the above process, you got to configure your organizational structure set up in such a way that the responsible persons at your client place get a notification in their inbox for the requisition sent out.

Based on their selection, they can release the purchase orders.

This is all done using the workflow as follows:

1. When ever there is a material requirement, a purchase requisition is created using the transaction ME51n. This requisition can be released by triggering the workflow using event BUS2150.

2. The above purchase requisition is found in the inboxes of the respective persons, as per your setup configuration. Then they are going to collect the Purchase requisitions and create a Request for quotation using the transaction ME47. This can be sent to the vendors by triggering the workflow using event BUS2010.

3. Once they receive the notifications from the vendors, it can be found in the same person’s inboxes, who are going to select the suitable vendor. Then they release a purchase order by the transaction ME23n. This can be sent to the vendors by triggering the workflow using event BUS2012.

So basically in here your Organizational set up is crucial, based on which the respective persons can be notified in their inboxes.

Then you create a Workflow template, where in you manage all the above processes of workflow there.

Hope this is a dawn on your requirement.

This is my first ever reply in SDN, any points would be really appreciable!

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Hi Shekhar,

Thanks a lot for your reply. It did really help me to get an idea. Could you also tell me how to create the workflow template and send me some material regarding workflows to my email id

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Hi T,

Basically, what (i suspect the requirement is) you are required to do is simply implement workflow number WS00000038. It is the standard SAP workflow for Purchase Req. Release and can be viewed from transaction SWDD.

Things to be done are:

The workflow is triggered by the workflow event : BUS2009~RELEASESTEPCREATED. That is once a PR is created with a release strategy this event needs to be triggered (normaly though output type processing medium 9 however i dont think PRs support that, hence you can trigger the event in the user exit of the ME51 transaction using function module SWE_EVENT_CREATE.

Once that is done, the workflow shall be triggered and it shall send a work item into the person responsible for releasing the purchase requisiton. this is determined through workflow rule 00000148.

As for Configuring the organization structure for responsible person for release you have to basically set up the T16FW table. Goto transaction SM30 and view V_T16FW.

There you have to maintain the person responsible to release PRs for every combination of release grouprelease codeplant.

For object type maintain US (implies User) and Object ID maintain the SAP user id of the person who is to release the PRs beloning to that release group and release codes.

Hope this helps atleast to start.