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SuccessFactors SAP PI Integration issue

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Hi guys,

we are using SAP PI to connect SAP R3 system to SuccessFactors cloud Server. We are getting the following error when we trying to send data from PI to SuccessFactors. "

<SAP:Stack>XML tag SOAP:Envelope(1)SOAP:Header(1)sap:DynamicConfiguration(3)sap:Record(1) (or one of the attributes) has incorrect value BIGipServerP_PERFORMANCEMANAGER012.SUCCESSFACTORS.EU-80=!yeirJCo5cy/eusms6dNWMXXXX4ciKyJvgkPgDk3VTUh8iSUnMhr9a/ORaxsPBxVJplQEGuY5HF3g==; path=/; HttpOnly, JSESSIONID=4286D8074BXXXXBDF5DFA7E7BBF03700.DC12BIZXSFAPI02; Path=/sfapi An error occurred when deserializing in the simple transformation program ST_XMS_MSGHDR30_DYNAMIC Data loss occurred when converting BIGipServerP_PERFORMANCEMANAGER012.SUCCESSFACTORS.EU-80=!yeirJCo5cy/eusms6XXXXHVaVvi4ciKyJvgkPgDk3VTUh8iSUnMhr9a/ORaxsPBxVJplQEGuY5HF3g==; path=/; HttpOnly, JSESSIONID=4286D8074B1337XXXXFA7E7BBF03700.DC12BIZXSFAPI02; Path=/sfapi</SAP:Stack>


We were able to send the data without any errors trough SOAP UI. I understand that this is a DynamicConfiguration issue but we were using standard SAP XI-Content and template adapter (SOAP).

Are there any notes or patches that need to be applied to resolve the issue?

Thank you,


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Answers (2)

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Please check if sap note 1838921 is applicable for your system.

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Its payload problem.

pls cross check your payload.


avinash M

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We were able to send the data without any errors trough SOAP UI

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I have the same problem. We are waiting answer from SAP. They said us "My colleagues will check this problem from Successfactors side." but there is no answer for 9 days.

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Hi Fatih, were you able to resolve this error?