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statistics needs to update to source system

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Hi All,

We have ECC, SLT and HANA as a seperate boxes.

We have a configuration ECC->SLT->HANA to get the tables in HANA DB.

Now which ever tables have been updates in the HANA DB successfully from ECC via SLT, the successfull status needs to update in the source system. But unfortunately, it is not happening. So could you please do let me know, how to check it.

Do we need to have SM59 configuration again in reverse way like HANA DB->SLT->ECC.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Jyotsna,

Permanent Solution:

You can add a customised field for each of your tables in SLT.This field will be something called REPL_Timestamp..This field will give you the timestamp of the replication data for each table.

Temporary Solution:

An entry for a table is removed from the logging table only when it is replicated in HANA..So just check the number of entries of the logging table in ECC.If the number of entries changes in HANA for a table & no entry is there in logging tables in source that means replication has happened.