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ShipNoticePortion node created per each item of Order ID in CSN payload by Managed Gateway (CIG)

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At Managed Gateway, outbound payload of CSN interface (Ship Notice Request), Ship Notice Portion node populating per each line item in CSN.

The current issue arises during the SCC migration process from Business Add-On to Managed Gateway as part of a middleware upgrade. When sending a multiline Component Ship Notice (CSN) from SAP ERP to SAP Business Network, the standard mapping of Managed Gateway creates multiple nodes called Ship Notice Portion for each line item in the CSN. This behavior is inconsistent with the previous functionality of the Business Add-On, where under one Order ID, multiple line items would populate under one ship notice portion node. Similarly, if there are multiple order IDs in the CSN, corresponding Ship Notice Portion nodes should be created.

However, the current behavior of Managed Gateway causes a backward incompatibility issue with the Business Add-On. As a result, B2B suppliers are unable to see all line items in the CSN, leading to difficulties in their operations.

We seek a solution to address this issue and ensure that B2B suppliers can view all line items in the CSN seamlessly.

  • CSN outbound managed gateway payload screenshot.

  • CSN outbound Business Add-on payload screenshot.

This is caused because of standard Managed Gateway (CIG) mapping logic of ShipNoticePortion node which shows incompatibility of Managed Gateway (CIG) with Business Addon.

Standard Managed Gateway (CIG) Mapping.

Impact on Supplier is they are not able to see all line items in received CSN.

Kindly suggest suitable solution to resolve this issue.

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Answers (1)

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I understand that the migration from CI9 or BS-Addon to CIG was expected to be seamless. However, it seems we are facing a change in the cXML structure for the ComponentShipNotice.

Given the situation, I recommend that you log a ticket with SAP to seek a product resolution that would not impact your integrated suppliers.

From my experience dealing with similar issues, there appear to be two potential solutions:

1. Request a parity CSN release from the CIG product team that aligns with BS-Addon configuration.

2. Obtain a custom XLST mapping exclusive to your account to achieve the desired parity.

If you're working within a constrained timeframe, the second option is likely to be more feasible. However, it would require a Buyer Integrator or an individual with strong technical expertise to request, monitor, and test the solution. If you're not familiar with this process, you may need to engage an SAP Buyer Integrator to assist you with this activity.