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Run Time Error when trying to select hierarchy node

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Hy all,

the situation is the following:

i attempt to create a variable of type "hierarchy node" (for cost center cha) in my planning area, i used the replacement type "user defined value", check on "input allowed by user" and then i create the user entry, in selection condition i run match code and when i try to select a single cost center (not a hierarchy node) expanding the hierarchy tree the system goes dump with the following message:


Runtime Errors MESSAGE_TYPE_X

Error analysis

Short text of error message:

Program is inconsistent -> see long text

Technical information about the message:


An inconsistent program status has occurred. The program cannot be continued.

System response:

The system crashes.


1. Look in OSS for a note under the error message UPC099.

2. When you open a problem message, send the first pages of the

system crash message including the section 'Source code excerpt

' with the message.

Procedure for System Administration

Message classe...... "UPC"

Number.............. 099


Selecting a hierarchy node (not a single cost center but a text node grouping more cost conter) this problem does not occur.

I appreciate (and reward) any hints.

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Go through the oss notes with error message UPC099

Dump during hierarchy selection:<b>536694</b>

Dump when reading a hierarchy with intervals :<b>423953</b>



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Hi Siddhu,

i know these notes, but unfortunaly they referred to old BW release, my BW release is 3.5.

Thanks for your answ.