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Regarding Table Layout (for Orel Goldberg)

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i asked a question few days back. the query was that i want to arrange the table in such a way that columns names are on the left and their values are on the right.

u asked me to provide an example

so here is the example ...........

<b>SKU</b> ab12 sndn13 12sd 231

<b>Name</b> Nam1 Nam2 Nam3 Nam4

<b>Photo</b> ph1 ph2 ph3 ph4

the words in bold are columns names and to the right are their values.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Shafi,

This is how you can achieve such a layout:

Set the desired items (in your example: SKU, Name, Photo) to be Horizontal pivots. then set the Horizontal pivot format to "Item Name in Vertical Pivot Column Header".

you will need to have a vertical pivot for this purpose, so choose an empty field/attribute and set it to be a vertical pivot.

This way, the headers of the horizontal pivots will be displayed in the vertical pivot.

Notice that you can't have a table with no un-pivoted columns, so make sure you keep an empty field/attribute for that purpose.

Last 2 things: set the vertical pivot format to "Hide Pivot Item Name". and also delete the Display Name for the un-pivoted column you are using.

I hope that by following these steps you will achieve the desired result.

Best Regards,


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Thanks a lot Orly.

It worked perfectly.


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Hi Shafi,

It is no longer necessary to do all these steps (the ones I mentioned in my last reply) when such a table layout needs to be achieved.

With SP03 there is a new feature called "Transpose Tables" which is located in Layout and Publication modes, under the "Table Properties" tab.

This new property will allow to achieve such a table layout.

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