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Question on Activity Prices Retractor

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According to the Help documentation on Cost Center retraction the Activity Prices used for activity dependant secondary cost planning can be retracted.

We are considering using a very similar approach to the one in the standard cost center planning application to set political prices and use these prices for activity dependant secondary cost planning. This involves using the 0price “Total Price” and 0PRACTUNIT “Price / Reference Quantity for Service” once the planning is completed we want to retract the information back to R/3

Looking at the retractor structure UPB_RET_COPS 0price is part of the structure but 0PRACTUNIT is not. This is not a problem if the price is always a unit price but if we have a case where the price is using a different base we need to send that back to R/3

for example:

$1.00 for every 1000 pieces

That is 0price = 1 and 0PRACTUNIT = 1000.

Have any of you come across this issue?

If we can modify the UPB_RET_COPS to include 0PRACTUNIT that would solve this issue but I haven’t found any documentation related to this.

I already look at transaction UPB_STRUCT but that controls the mappings to the UPB_RET_COPS structure doesn’t seem to allow to modify the UPB_RET_COPS structure, Moreover I don’t know if R3 would recognize the new field and store it appropriately.

Thanks for your help.

Carlos Juarez

BW/SEM System Architect

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Hey Carlos,

Marc wrote a very good article on retractors in BW Expert back in 2003 and that is the one we used when were configuring the CCA retractor on a project then. It was very good so see if you can get access to it or maybe Marc would be nice enough to add it to SDN if there is no issue with WIS pubs holding copyright to the article.

As far as I know, there were no easy way to modify the structure but maybe Marc or Gerd has some advance tips.