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Progress Bar in Sapgui for HTML

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Hello All,

We use the SAP Gui for HTML to open up workitems from the backend ECC system in UWL.

We have recently applied the following support packs on our portal and ECC systems:

EP - NW7.0 SP23

ECC system - NW7.01 SAPKB70108

After this, we have noticed that the workitems when opened from UWL, does not show the progress bar , and only shows a "Done" message at the bottom left corner of the status bar in the new window.

The WEBGUI service has the following params:






The parameter ~XSRFCHECK was added by the Support Packs. I have republished the WEBGUI and SYSTEM services.

Is there anything that can be done to enable the progress bar ?

Please advise.

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Answers (1)

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Hello Snigdha,

If you change


does this change the behaviour at all?



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Hi Oisin,

Unfortunately setting ~XSRFCHECK to 0, or removing this parameter entirely from WEBGUI does not seem to have any effect on the rendering of the page.



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Hello Snigdha,

I am facing the same problem with opening UWL task items and I get a warning Done message and the starting up screen of WebGUI screen is always there.. Nothing much happens after this..

Do you have a solution for your problem that you have posted here? If yes, could you please post so that I can also benefit?

Thank you.

~~~Maria Kutty.

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Hello Maria,

Sorry about the late reply, but we haven't had the issue fixed as yet.

However, my symptom is slightly different from yours, in the sense that, my workitem does open up after a while(takes about 4-5 seconds though). While opening however, it shows that the status as "Done", much before the workitem is available to be viewed and worked on.