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'Patterns' and routing in SAP UI5

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ice-screenshot-20161123-120750.pngHi Ui5 experts,

I am facing some issue with routing concept in SAP ui5.

I am using Odata service through netweaver gateway for getting the data.My requirement is ,

1.Am using 3 views here,Master view ---> detail view then from detail view i need to move third view. navigation to third view is not happening.

2.the scenario is i am clicking a 'vehicle number' in master view ,the detail view displays the details of that vehicle based on vehicle number.

"pattern": "VehicleInfoSet/{objectId}",

where 'VehicleInfoSet' is the entity set name and 'objectId' is the vehicle number

3.Now based on a value in detailed view i need to move to the third view which is in other entityset called "detailinfoset" and the navigation proprty is "vehicletodetails"So what pattern should i give to move to the next view based on a parameter in detail view???

i have attached the screen shots of the coding can anyone help to sort this out??

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