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Nube needs some basic info

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I am trying to locate some very basic info to help with a decision in taking a new job. One one side it looks like we could move to SAP but I have an offer to work in our Oracle shop; I am project leader looking to get back into a technical Oracle position. My trouble lies in that I do not fully understand how SAP functions from a developer standpoint.

The vision I have (please correct me) is that using Netweaver? allows us to take the business function points that SAP has created and customize the look and implmentation as per the business lines require. (Pardon my ignorance) If no interfaces are to be created is there code to write? Are there database triggers, etc. written? Specific queries? How are these implememented?

I know that I can build interfaces to connect to the databases but if these are not needed is there any programming involved?

Any info, documents etc. are appreciated. I am heading to Chapters tomorrow to look at some SAP book to help out as well.

Thanks in advance,


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hello mr scott

yes - netweaver is allowing you to customize your own look and feel.

did you locate any sap books? did you take oracle or sap position?

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