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No suitable driver for jdbc:Data Federator

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We’re trying to connect to Data Federeator Server, which is in the localhost, through method “conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:datafederator://localhost", "sysadmin", "sysadmin")”.

However we’re getting always the “No suitable driver” exception.

Data Federator is working properly and we need the program for statistics automation purposes.

The jdbc.sbo file lools like:

“    <DataBase Active="Yes" Name="Data Federator Server">
      <Class JARFile="dbd_jdbc,dbd_datafederator"></Class>
        <!--  Uncomment and edit the following lines
                     to define java classes required by JDBC driver
                    &lt;Path&gt;your jar or class files directory&lt;/Path&gt;
<ClassPath><Path>D:\\Business Objects\\BusinessObjects Data Federator 12\\JdbcDriver\\lib\\thindriver.jar;</Path></ClassPath>
        <Parameter Name="JDBC Class">LeSelect.ThinDriver.ThinDriver</Parameter>
        <Parameter Name="URL Format">jdbc:leselect://$DATASOURCE$;catalog=&quot;$DATABASE$&quot;</Parameter>
      <Parameter Name="Family">SAP BusinessObjects</Parameter>
      <Parameter Name="Version">datafederator_jdbc.setup</Parameter>
      <Parameter Name="Description File">datafederator</Parameter>
      <Parameter Name="SQL External File">datafederator</Parameter>
      <Parameter Name="SQL Parameter File">datafederator</Parameter>
      <Parameter Name="Strategies File">datafederator</Parameter>
      <Parameter Name="Driver Capabilities">Query</Parameter>
      <Parameter Name="Extensions">datafederator,jdbc</Parameter>
      <Parameter Name="Query TimeOut Available">No</Parameter>
      <Parameter Name="Array Fetch Size">10</Parameter>

Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Ricardo Prata

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ricardo,

you may go with adapter or you can use ODBC connection  also.


Shiva Sahu

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Hello Shiva,

The problem is that we’re running the data federator program to update statistics automatically and the line code “DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:datafederator://localhost", "sysadmin", "sysadmin")” is from that program, class RefreshTableColumnStatistics.

We need to implement the “ The sample program RefreshTableColumnStatistics” from the “Data Federator User Guide (SAP BusinessObjects Data Federator XI 3.0 Service Pack 3)”.



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