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Modifications on Std Crm Extractor

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Hello All,

I have this problem, for sure brought my some logical mistake.

I needed BWSTPTSUSST component for Opportunity Header Master Data.

So I appended BWSTPTSUSST to structure CRMT_BW_OPPT_H. This is a structure being part of Std Content, being the base of DataSource 0CRM_OPPT_ATTR.

I was at a very early stage of our knwoledge on BW, and probably now I would apply a different solution.

The problem I have is that Delta Uploading always returns only one record.

Before to design a new solution for the missing information I need, is there any possibility to have Delta Loading appending new components?

Thanks a lot.

I'll be happy to grant the credits!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think for these Extractors there are some special checks are there..

May be the following post you wannaa to look if not seen earlier..



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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What is the different solution that you have determined now?

Do you mean that delta queue has more than 1 record while only 1 record gets loaded into BW?

As far as I know its not a problem if you enhance datasources that deliver delta loads.As the values of the enhanced fields are determined for each record of the incoming data package,and as the keys through which system determines the delta will already be there in the std extractor,it should not be an issue.



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Not yet defined, but I was thinking for example to create an extractor on the table where the field is, being able to delta load.

Right now, even if I have more than one record, I receive only one record. So I'm wandering where I was wrong (if after delta upload I try with a full upload, I receive more records. Example: I have 20k records, then I perform a delta, I have one record. As I perform a full, I have more than 20001 records).

If possible, I would prefer to have the actual solution working.