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MDG S BRF code not getting triggered

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Hi Folks,

My company recently implemented MDG S .

I tried to change the BRF derivation which was already exiting.

Original code : It is simple.

If Change request = create then Account group = EIN.

It is working.

Now i changed the same as if Change request = Create then Acccount group = ZUT.

I saved and activated.. But still this code is not getting triggered.

and the value is still populating as in Original code where account group = EIN.

Instead now it should be ZUT.

Please help where i am missing what need to be done to execute this new code.

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (5)

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Hello Sspra,

you can check class CL_FDT_FUNCTION and method PROCESS_GENERATION( ) line 57. Here BRF+ Function should be called. If not so check your brf+ application via USMD_RULE-> Check Namespace (it should be start with DERIVE_<entity> your function) -> check also your function context (here it is important that the correct <entity> structure is included>.

Activate your function again.



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Thanks Loga Nathan .

Was getting stored in the previous Change request itself.


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Check whether you saved BRF+ application in local object.

Thank you

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Hi ,

Thanks for your response.

When I try to change, save and Activate. It is not asking for Transport request.

Then how will i transport it to next environment say QA from Dev.

Will BRF plus -Derive functions will not ask for TR. And we need to manually type it again in QA..

Please respond ASAP.


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Hi sspra,

Try to Activate whole BRF application and check. close the browser and relogin.

Thanks & Regards,

Chetan Bappankar