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Licensing with open document

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As part of a project, we are planning to give access to a webi report by using the opendocument function and passing the session through a named account.

I have licensing concerns and want to be sure we are ok.

From my understanding (please correct me if I am wrong), a named account cannot be "generic" meaning you need a real person behind it. But in the case of open document, is it ok in terms of licensing that 10 users for example, will connect through a different application (not SAP BI) and view only a webi report?

If not, what type of licensing is required?

Thanks for your help 🙂


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If you are opening Webi report from same web application ,then you can use serialised session in open doc URL so this will reuse the same session (no addition to session count).

More about License :

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Hi Bharat,

Thanks for your reply but sorry this doesn't anwer my question (probably because I didn't explained myself properly, sorry)

I will try to reformulate 🙂

Let's say I create a "name" account that I call "HR Service"

The HR department has 5 users

From the HR website (not related to BI4), I use an opendocument link to access a webi report which will use the session of the account "HR service".

Those 5 users from HR will consume the report.

Technically, this works fine.

Where I have a concern, is more in terms if this scenario is allowed by SAP licensing.

From my understanding, you are not allowed to have multiple people accessing BI4 using the same account.

But in case of opendocument, how can you do it without using a generic account?

If using a named license is not allowed, what kind of licensing should be used?

I feel this is a grey area but I need to ensure we are following SAP licensing rules correctly



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You should go with a mix of named and concurrent licenses.You may required to make those user accounts with concurrent license.