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JMS Sender adapter Problem

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Hi All,

I have posted this question earlier too. But did not get a proper answer.

I am using JMS adapter to fetch data from MQ.

My input data is: AA123BB45678AA345BB78564.

It is just reading the first segment i.e.AA123 and not reading the remaining.

How can I configure my JMS adapter to pick this pattern of data? It works fine if I have line break after each record that is if the input is as below.





In the above there is a Line break after each segment. So JMS adapter picks it fine.

I have also tried using xml.A.endSeparator equals to blank in the module configuration. But it does not work either.

Can anyone throw some light to this?



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Ok If I had to configure the sender File adapter to read the above mentioned input data how can I do it.


I don't have any line breaks between segments.

I want it to read it as following















So on.

What value should I have in xml.A.endSepartor and xml.endSeparator to make the above case work?