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Import multiple diagrams

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I have a question regarding the creation of multiple BPMN 2.0 diagrams. Is it possible to use an excel file or something similar to get teams to populate their basic process components and then import these in bulk in a scenario where there are 100's of custom processes in an organization? It would allow segregation of duties. Otherwise, creating several processes in the explorer could prove too time consuming. Please advise on any solutions that may be in use in the feild.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Athar,

There are 2 approaches that I have seen that have worked for a few of our clients. But, you should be aware that this workaround comes with a few drawbacks.

Standard Approach: If you have a process documented in excel, then you can use the QuickModel notation to copy-paste the steps directly and the notation would automatically create the BPMN model for you. However, you can only create 1 model at a time. But, on the positive, anyone with a simple Collaboration Hub License can create QuickModels. So, in principle, you can enable your SMEs and Process Owners to potentially log into Signavio and create these 100's custom processes quite easily.

Non-Standard approach: use the APQC PCF excel template to automatically create L1-L4 process taxonomy in signavio. You can download the APQC PCF framework excel from their website, purge the industry-specific data from the excel, populate your data and use the APQC import function to automatically create the models. However, this approach has the a few drawbacks: 1. the excel template has a set structure, L1-L3 are always VAC and L4 and L5 are BPMN models. So if your organisation has a different process taxonomy, you will have some trouble with this approach. 2. The L4/L5 BPMN models are stock standard happy paths, which means they will not have any Pools/Swimlanes & gateways in them. You will have to manually edit them afterwards.

Hope this helps.