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I-Views MDM Portal

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I would like to create i-views in SAP Netweaver Portal for MDM SP5 and Basis Consulatant told to me MDM and Portal connectivity establised.

Step 1:-Right-click your folder where you want to create your iView and from the context menu, select New u2192 iView to launch the iView Wizard.

Step 2:-Enter a Name (display name) and an ID for the iView (the ID name must be entered without blank spaces).

Step 3:-Select Allias for MDM Server from drodown List.

But instead of getting Step 3 , I got Summary to finished.

How will configure Step 3.

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Answers (4)

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Hi Pankaj,

Kindly update us on your issue.


Jitesh Talreja

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Hi pankaj,

MDM iViews are not available in the list.

Ask your basis team to deploy the following SCA files of same version that of MDM Server

After successful deployment Portal Server should be restarted once then only you will get the MDM related stuff on to the portal.


Jitesh Talreja

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Hi Jitesh

I have do exact same way and list of i-view are following .

Tell MDM relevant i-views exist or not ,If not what we need to do...

BEx Web Application iView

Col Room Navigation iView

Collaboration Configuration Template

CRM BW iView

CRM E-Commerce Document Overview

CRM Fact Sheet BW iView

CRM Fact Sheet Form iView

CRM Fact Sheet List iView

CRM Generic Internet Sales


CRM Telephony

CRM Value Help iView

Crystal Enterprise Report

JDBC Stored Procedure iView

KM Application Log iView

KM Cache Monitor iView

KM Classification Inbox iView

KM Configuration iView

KM Content Exchange Subscriber iView

KM Content Exchange Syndicator iView

KM Content Exchange Syndicator Offers iView

KM Content Exchange Syndicator Subscriber iView

KM Crawler Monitor iView

KM Crawler Monitor iView (Legacy)

KM Discussion Group Admin iView

KM Discussion Group Contributors iView

KM Discussions iView

KM Document iView

KM Document iView Without Content Filter

KM Folder Settings Admin iView

KM Folder Settings Admin iView

KM Index Administration iView

KM Indexing Monitor iView

KM Navigation iView

KM Quick Poll Administration

KM Quick Poll iView

KM Recent Notifications iView

KM Search iView

KM Subscription iView

KM Taxonomy Query Builder

KM Taxonomy Trainer iView

KM Taxonomy Update Log iView

KM Trex Monitor iView

KM Upload iView

KM XML Forms Builder Check iView

KM XML Forms Builder iView

Navigation Destination

Object-Based Navigation

Page Navigation

Personalized SAP Web Dynpro iView

Portal Activity Report iView

Proxy-to-Portlet iView (WSRP)

Proxy-to-Remote iView

Related Services iView


SAP CRM R/3 Transaction iView


SAP MiniApp iView


SAP Transaction iView

SAP Web Dynpro iView


Service Map iView

URL iView

User Management

Web Service iView

Web Target iView

WorkProtect Mode

Workset Map iView

XML iView

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There is no MDM related content in your portal, otherwise after choosing ivew templates, you would have got templates for MDM Item Details, MDM Result Set, MDM Search Attributes etc.

This means that the MDM Business Package is not deployed on to your EP server. After deploying the BP you will get all the portal content templates and the MDM system templates on to your portal.

Deploy the below 3 files to your server, you can get it from Marketplace:

MDM Application file

MDM Technology file

MDM Java APIs file.

Please make sure that your MDM server and the BP files are of exactly the same version otherwise you will face many problems.

Reward points if found useful.



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if you want to create iview who have to select type of ivew from the dffrent iviwes . if your not having mdm type of ivew you ahve install the business packages and configure in your portal .

befere creatin the mdm ivew . you have to create mdm system form the mdm system templete . we have to create mem system in system admin->system congigaration->create folder ->then create system .

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Hi Pankaj,

Please follow the below steps:

1. Go to Content Administration workset

2. Right click on the folder Portal Content and select New iView

3. Select the fiest option i.e. iView Template

4. Select the appropriate MDM iView from the available list of iViews. All the MDM iViews wil start with the word MDM.

(If MDM iViews are not available in the list then there is some problem in the portal configuration)

5. Once you have selected the desired iView then only it will ask you to enter the name of the iView.

6. Select the System alias and the perform the desired steps by refering the reference guide.



Jitesh Talreja