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How to change Application name/product name in CMC landing page(

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We have SAP BO BI 4.2 SP05 and successfully change the BI Launchpad logo and application name. (

Changing logo (place new login below path and updated web.xml file


C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins\webpath.InfoView\web\images

Changing application Name


Copy from <INSTALL HOME>\SAP BusinessObjects\Tomcat6\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\config\default to <INSTALL HOME>\SAP BusinessObjects\Tomcat6\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\config\custom.

Updated in custom folder by changing the,... which works fine.


Now i would like to reflect the same changes in CMC console ((

Logo updated successfully change

C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins\webpath.CmcApp\web\images

I added the following file( in custom folder and the following settings but this does not work.

Please guide to change the Application name for the CMC console.


Best Regards

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Answers (1)

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Unfortunately, application name and product name in CMC cannot be changed.

Any change in the CMC properties file related to these properties has no effect (it is by design).