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Homogeneous livecache

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I´m recovering the Livecache database. I´m following the note 457425 - Homogenous liveCache copy using backup/restore

I´ve installed MaxDB software and the source and target have the same version, I´ve make the recovery of the database but

2. Import the complete data backup. To do this, call the Database Manager GUI.

  1. a) Select the required database instance.
  2. b) Select Recovery -> Database. Never carry out a restart before the restore. If you carry out a restart before the restore, the error '-8003: log and data must be compatible' occurs after the restore.
  3. c) Select Restore Medium. Choose Next Step.
  4. d) Select the relevant medium. Choose Next Step.
  5. e) Select Start -->In this step I get this error

The password in the source and target system is the same. I can connect to the database but I try to go to online mode I get this previous message.

What can I do?

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for further error details, please have a look at the KnlMsg file. Maybe some database parameters are not correctly set. I would recommend for homogenous system copies to always import the parameter values from the data backup (this is an option you can set during recovery). Next, change only those values which you want to be different on the new system (like e.g. CacheMemorySize, data/log volume paths...). That way you can prevent many issues from ever occuring...