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field not showing on page header of page 1

I have created a report that runs off of a CMND table that I created. The command table has a nested portion to it. I have placed a field (hospital) from the nested portion of my CMND table into the Page Header of my report. The hospital field does not display in the Page Header on page 1 of my report but displays in the Page Header on all subsequent pages. The hospital field appears to only have a value after the detail section has ran?????

My command table script is attached:


Any insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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Active Contributor

I would also add an "order by" clause to your command so that the data is sorted how you want it coming from the database.

The field in the page header won't have any values until the first record that has a value for that field has been read. What you might look at doing instead of using the page header is to group by hospital, set the group header to repeat on each page, and use the group header for the page header. This way you'll be sure that the field has a value.