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Error while executing WS to RFC sync on 7.4 single stack

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Hi Experts

I am working in ws..>sap pi..>Rfc sync scerio

when  I have entered the data in RFC its working fi9 but I am using SOAPUI to test it, it's giving me error:

<text> error while processing message to remote functiontemplate from repository was &lt;null>

pls note that I have reimported the RFC 

pls suggest!

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Answers (2)

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Test your data with the mapping,

Is there any error in the receiver RFC channel while sending the data?

Check the receiver channel.



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Refer to question no 16 under the below note

730870 - FAQ XI 3.0/ PI 7.0/ PI 7.1/ PI 7.11/ PI 7.2/ 7.3 RFC Adapter

Q 16: While sending a message to the RFC Adapter the error "... functiontemplate from repository was <null>" is shown. What is the reason?

              A: After receiving a message from the Adapter Engine, the RFC Adapter extracts the payload from the message. Normally this should be an XML document in the RFC-XML format. In this format the root element of the XML document represents the name of the function module and is enclosed in the fixed RFC namespace 'urn:sap-com:document:sap:rfc:functions'. But this only will be checked at a later point, when the conversion from XML to native RFC is done. As prerequisite of this conversion the structures and types of the function module parameters has to be known. This is also called metadata or function template. To get this function template the name of the function module is extracted from the root element of the XML document and is queried against the metadata repository of the communication channel. If the metadata repository doesn't have a function module with this name, the exception named above is thrown. Possible reasons are

  • The XML document, which was sent to the RFC Adapter, is not a RFC-XML document. So the root element name of this document is not the name of a function module and thus can't be found in the metadata repository.
  • The metadata repository doesn't contain an entry for this function module name. Normally the metadata repository will be an R/3 system and it's function module repository can be searched with the transaction SE37.
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Hi Hareesh

Thanks for the reply

I have read the post but I am not able to figure out how can I solve the issue

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Does your target xml root node is same as the function module name? What is the namespace that you have?

Can you share target xml?

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Hi Nunu,

Did you change anything in RFC? If you change anything the changes are not reflected automatically to RFC meatada cache, you need to below to refresh the metadata.

Q 29: When a function module is changed in the backend, are the

changes published to the runtime at real-time?

A: No, an update made to a function module in the backend is not

informed to the runtime. This is because the function module metadata

is cached by the system during the first invocation of the module. All

the subsequent references to this function module are directed to the

cache. Any update made to the function module in the backend will not

be notified to the runtime, unless the cache is cleared.

The cache is cleared when any of the following happen:

- The corresponding RFC channel is restarted

- The RFC channel is changed in the Integration Directory

- The RFC adapter service is restarted

- The Dependent J2EE services are restarted (MessagingSystem,

CPACache, and so on)

- The J2EE server is restarted