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Distributed Administration for Portal

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We would like to have Departmental Administrators for EP5.0 installation.Essentially we do not want Central IT Department to do day to day user and content management. Essentially each Department should have their own Administrator, who assigns the "Department's" pages or Channels to users in their department.

At this moment we cannot find a way in EP5.0 . Does anyone has any insights ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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this is not so easy. So far we have no concept to restrict an EP administrator role to a special set of pages.

The concept of channels in EP is anyway obsolete and will probably not survive.

The only way you can achieve this partly, is to use KM-CM. You could create repositories for each department, where you put you docs in. Then you reference this docs on pages.

So you could change the docs and the content of the pages , but not the iviews on pages.

I agree, this is worth to be discussed in a separate subforum --> should be called EP feature discussions.


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I would look into giving each department a standardized page with standard placeholder for department specific iviews. users are linked to roles.

people can publish iviews to the roles, without needing to maintain them in the portal itself.

one iview could be a user menu, written in a web application.

This could then access information in different area's like BW or SEM-BIC., as long as the iview is published directly to a role, there should be no need to manage iviews from a portal administration point.

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