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delta update

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hi all,

Can any one tell me different ways to repeat the delta if the delta has failed.

thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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First try to figure out why it failed !

If it failed and reached the RED status (depends on time, or you set it manually to RED), then the next delta run (either scheduled or run manually) will recover the data that wasn't transferred automatically.

If the problem is memory, it may get worse, unless memory allocation is automatic its OK - which is why you need to find out the cause.

If its an undefined character, then it will never work until you define the character..

If someone has changed something (datasources reactivated/transported, update rules changed/deactivated) then you will need to solve it !

Basically then: make sure the Total Status is RED, then repeat the delta.

PS. I would <b>not </b>do an INIT unless you want to start from scratch. This is OK in a test system, but not in production.

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I agree to Daniel,

You can also do a delta repeat only if the request is red

The procedure is Go to transaction RSA7 in source system,

select your datasource & select the repeat delta option

this will pull the previous delta which has gone in error

Hope this solves your issue

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Do the init. load if the delta failed, sometimes it works.