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Connecting DWC to Success Factors


Hello -

We have made the connection from DWC to Success Factors, but are only seeing about a dozen tables (example: country, picklist, picklistvalue, etc.). I dont understand why we are not seeing the full list of tables for the modules (Learning, Comp, P&G, Recruiting, Platform/BizX, ONB, etc.). The user we have created for the DWC-SF connection has global admin access.

What am I missing?



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Hi Brandyn,

the SuccessFactors Connection is only for a "CFO Dashboard", so you cannot load data on person level (like PerPerson and PerPersonal). There are only like 10 or 20 OData objects you are able to load. Totally useless in my opinion.

You have to use the "Generic OData" Connection to load data from your SuccessFactors system. But the problem with this type of connection is that the URI String does not contain parameters for "Valid from" and "Valid to", so you can only load datasets which are valid today but no datasets which will be valid in the future or have been valid in the past.

In Q2 2022 there should be an update for using Input Parameters in OData requests. Could be that we are able to add "Valid from" and "Valid to" in some weeks using this way.

Best regards