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Hi ,

Can any one of you give full details regarding Conditions,like How they will be used?use..?where..?

Thanx in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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take a look


You can define conditions for queries to hide irrelevant numbers. The definition of the conditions is done in the BEx Query Designer or in BEx Web Applications.


The definition of conditions comprises the following components:

Type of Condition

Here you set whether you want to define a ranked list condition, a threshold condition or a mixed condition. A standard characteristic assignment is determined using the type of condition.

Ranked List Condition: All entries for the displayed list or all entries for a logical section of the list (with multiple characteristics in the drilldown) are considered here and their relationship to another determines whether the entry is displayed. For ranked lists, the sorting is switched on automatically when the condition is activated. For example, the operators Top N, Top %, Top Total are part of the ranked lists.

Threshold condition: An entry is filtered independently of the other entries if its reference value has a specific relationship to a comparison value. For example, an entry is not displayed if its reference value exceeds or goes below a specific threshold value (for example, revenue < 50).

Mixed Condition: Condition that can have both a threshold value and a ranked list part (such as top 2 products with regard to revenue and products with a profit margin < 5%).


hope this helps.

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Thanx AHP and Praveen Kumar.

Sorry Praveen I cannot give full points to You ,becasue I am crystal clear with the AHP explanations.

Thanx once again.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Vasu,

You use condition in BEx in order to filter the result data and show only relenant part of whole result.

Defention from SAP help

You can formulate conditions to make data analysis more efficient. In the results area of the query, the data is filtered according to the conditions so that only the part of the results area that you are interested in is displayed.

If you apply conditions to a query, you are not changing any numbers. Instead, you are just hiding the numbers that are not relevant for you. For this reason, conditions have no effect on the displayed values of the results rows. The results row of a query with an active condition corresponds to the results row of a query without this condition.

Hope it helps. Pls let me know if you have any specific requirement where you want to use condition.