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CDS CREATE page Refresh

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Hi, I have a question regarding CDS Fiori Preview.

Currently practicing via ADT connected to out on-premise S4H server.

I've made

1. Data Definition ( join of VBAK and VBAP )

2. Metadata Extension

3. Behavior Definition - Unmanaged

4. Service Definition

5. Service Binding (OData UI-V2)

In Behavior Definition coded 'CREATE', 'UPDATE' and 'DELETE'.

When I preview > Create, the BAPI is successfully committed and sales order no. is created.

The problem is,

created VBELN and other features after BAPI is not reflected on the page (i guess the facet).

When i check the Entity View, as it is simply join of standard table, the newly created data is reflected ALREADY.

I am so frustrated where to tackle and resolve!

I would appreciate if anyone could suggest ways to refresh the page with new info.s like ALV refresh lol.

Method other than Side Effects !

And if OData V4 is used, is Draft mandatory to use CREATE button?

Any idea nor suggestions would be very thankful!

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