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Calling BTP nodejs application endpoint from a client (like Postman) with only client id and secret

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I have a BTP nodejs application with a xsuaa instance(plan: application, binded apps: app router + nodejs app). Calling GET/POST Request of nodejs application running via browser are working.

Problem: The authorisation from a client(e.g. Postman or a on-premise SAP Backend) is not working. The future nodejs app with some GET/POST endpoints should be calling from a on-premise SAP Backend.

Steps to reproducing the issue(with Postman):

1. Fetching the bearer token with the client id and secret (Base authorisation) from the xsuaa instance is working (via url ""). Response:


2. Calling endpoint ( with Bearer token. Response:


Expectation: Calling a nodejs app endpoint with the fetched Bearer token and getting the resource index.html.

Which requests should be trigger from the Postman client for authorisation and getting the resource index.html?

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