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BPM Scenario

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Hi All

I need to use BPM in one of my current scenario.


Legacy File(MQ Series)-------> SAP XI(Validation)

<------ Back to legacy if Error


SAP XI(Via Proxy) -

> SAP R/3(Validation on Data)


Back to XI with validated Data


SAP XI(Validated Data Posted via IDOC) -

> SAP R/3

This being my first object in BPM, kindly suggest me some tutorial in this regard for developing BPM. Which Msg Interface will be Abstract and what are containers and Objects will be used(Switches) and how to do exactly the configuration in IR and ID.

Best Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go thru this article xi 3.0 - workshop business process management.pdf

Hope it helps


Arpit Seth

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Swetank,

Take a look at this simple blogon bpm:


You ned to create abstract counterparts for all interfaces which u are gonna use in bpm.Container is just a collection of variables....just like variables in programming language.

All the interfaces used in the bpm are mentioned in the container.

Your bpm will have follow flow:

Recvstep(from legacy)----syncsend(rfc)--send step(to proxy)---syncsend(rfc)-----send(to idoc)

This is supposing tht ur validations are done in an rfc.

Pls revert back for further queries.



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Hi Swetank,

Please go through these links:

BPM- BPM in practice modeling Business Process: - bpm in practice modelling business processes.pdf

BPM from modeling to monitoring, from modeling to monitoring.pdf

I hope it helps,

Thanks & Regards,

Varun Joshi

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take a look at question 3 (documents section)