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BI 7.0 data loading from flat file

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HI BW gurus,

I have been working in SAP BW 3.5 and I am new to BI 7.0. I am trying to load data from flat file to BW. As the navigation is different i am unable to deliver. I read the help also but confusing. If some one knows please send the step to step procedure with screen shots of how to load data into BW using 7.0.

I will assign you with full points

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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create the source system and application component for tat source system.

create the data source and fill all the required entries then create the info package .

info package is used to schedule the data from the source system and the data source.

create the transformation from the data source to data target.

create the data transfer process .DTP is used to schedule the data from the data source to data target.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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You have reposted this again, already we have replied you and waiting for your feedback, if you give feedback only we can give you full support.

Whether you got the file i sent or not?



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1) Create a data source

RSA1->Source Systems->FILE(File)->PC_FILE(Filesourcesystem)->Create Application Component(optional)-Create Data source

2) Create infoPackage

Right click on the data source and do

3) Create the data provider

4) Create Transformation

Right click on the data provider, choose 'create transformation' and choose your data source (give relevant data source and its type)

Just connect the relavant fields between your data source and data provider.

4) Create DTP

Then Double click on the DTP node created under yous transformations. choose the extraction mode as delta.

5) Load the data: there are 2 ways:

you can run the infopackage and DTP separately or create a process chain consisting of these infopackage and DTP and run.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,