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I was wondering if anyone had any information on best practices for a recommend number of objects, subject areas (fact tables) and contexts in a universe.


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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the information. Although BO doesn't have a limit on the number of context it can support, is there any information on a what is a good limit to have (both from a support point of view and function?

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Hi Frank,

following are the universe designer limitations and recommendations:

1) There is no limitation on the number of components (objects, classes, tables, joins, hierarchies, lov's, etc) in a universe. But of course as the number of components increases, you could run into problems related to performance. This depends on available RAM and the processing speed.

Internal tests have shown that even when the number of objects in a universe is large, the file size of the .unv file stays relatively small (~50k for 200 objects, ~500k for 2000 objects).

There is certainly a human limit to the number of components that can conceive, maintain, retrieve and sort visually. The common impression about the number of components that constitute a very "large" universe are between 50 and 100 objects, and 200 objects seems to be the maximum for a user to comprehend.

Recommendation is to have 500 objects maximum.

If report contains number of prompts (10 or more) and you have large universe (with 2000 objects or more, machine power can make difference also) prompt display can be slow.

3) There is no limit to the number of Context in Universe. However this depends upon the size of your Universe and also the number of fact tables used in this Universe. By fact tables I mean to say that, in these tables you can have Context defined for every join. There was a limit for this number in the older versions, however in the new version there is no limit for this. This entirely depends upon your Universe.

4) Following are the character limitations in BO XI R2

  • Object names can have up to 255 characters

  • If object type is character BO will display up to 255 characters (At data base end it is VARCHAR2 type)

  • If object type is long text BO will display up to 32000 characters (At data base end it is LONG type)

  • SQL query limit is 65536 characters in BI XI R2

  • The query panel list of values has a maximum limit of 1000 values.

These are same in BO 6.5 and XI R2


  • Specify the Limit size of long text objects to a desired value if not default is 1000 characters (Specify this at UNV parameters->controls tab)

  • The number of characters/number limitation that an object can hold is dependent on the source database from which the universe is crated.

I hope this helpsu2026.