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Dear All

Hi. How can I activate the license called "ASE_SECDIR"? I need to test "enable granular permissions", but without that license is not possible. I am working with SAP ASE version 15.7 ESD #2

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Dear Mr Esmael
I strongly discourage the continued use of 15.7 ESD#2 - too old too many defects that re not fixed inthat version. Condider latest SP on 15.7 - or veen upgrade to ASE 16.0 (latest) . But that is unrelated.
If this is a SAP Netweaver system with ASE as a database then all necessary licenses should be included in the one that comes with the SAP system insatllation.
If this a standalone ASE server , then you need to acquire the licesense from SAP and install it in the system.
One last point : there are some performance improvements related to the use of GP feature . These changes went into latest ASE releases only. (ASE CR 814968 Performance degradation in SAP ASE may be observed when 'enable granular permissions' is enabled. )
Another reason to upgrade the ASE version.


Tilman Model-Bosch

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Dear Tilman

Thanks alot for your reply and recommendation , I want to inform you that server is standalone and i found that ASE_Privacy License so my question is "enable granular permission" included on ASE_Privacy License

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Dear Esmael,

You can install SAP ASE as developer edition. Most options will be enabled for free while using developer edition.

This way you can test granular permission and many other options for free.

Note that Developer Edition will have some limitations (i.e. in terms of number of user connections that cannot exceed 25 user connections, etc...)

Feel free to check the below link to know more about SAP ASE editions.