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Access ADS DB with Libre Base

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I am trying to use Libre Base 5.x to open an ADS Data Dictionary using the adsjdbc tool (ADS v. is 11.1). My issue is that when I set up the DB URL and JDBC path my tests are good but when I try to open the DB Table my Dictionary file extension (.add) is being added to my table name making my table names wrong and inaccessible... I have the same issue if I use odbc instead of jdbc. has anyone been able to use Libre Base to access an ADS DB using jdbc or odbc?



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Same issue here, using ADS 12.

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We were kind of hoping that upgrading to 12 would solve this issue so thanks for the info... that's good to know. I've opened a bug request in Bugzilla about a month ago with no response so far. I'm not really sure if this is a Libre Bug or and ADS issue (or something else)? I've put in several requests for help in both and on ADS with no luck...