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First of all, I'm one of those non-believers.   I know, I know, Community Champion.  I still have have to be true to me!  And on Low Code/No Code, I just don't believe.

Here are some of my reasons:

  1.  VC - An older no-code solution

  2. Build - Another one that few have heard of

  3. Personas - Now I'm getting closer to the current time line.  I think some company's do use this.

  4. In my mind, I can see eternal loops happening.

  5. People - Yes, they use Excel so maybe...

  6. Simple Queries - Really I think IT just uses this.  Now this could be considered no-code as it can be written by our Functional people.  However, things are changing fast.  You'll have a hard time convincing them to use it.

  7. Support calls and ease of helping them out.

  8. I can't imagine what the workflows will look like, and how up-to-date they will be.

  9. Seems like a system person's nightmare.

And I'm sure I could think of a lot more.

But why haven't I blogged about this before?  Simple, all of this is based on old products that didn't quite work out.  BUT I haven't tried Low/No Code.  So how can I blog about something that I haven't done myself?

So I'm going to try it.  What the heck!  It could take some weekends and my company is on-premise.  BUT knowledge is power.  (And Learning is fun) So I can't say "No way" until I've tried it.  And of course their is the whole challenge of it.  Yes, I don't get the top  three.  I don't think I would have been there anyway to tell the truth.  My approach is going to try to program something simple.

What challenge?  100 day no-code/low code   I'm hoping to blow some of these reasons away, and cross them off of my list for good.   I may not even publish what I've done.  It depends on how well I can learn it, and if I really do have the time.

So stay-tuned.  No matter what I plan to write a follow up blog.  Also look for all of the blogs that will be out there.  As people get finished, they will be posting.  Before they get started they are posting.  It will be interesting to see all of the different views.

Different views - what do you think?  Have you used it?  Are you going to?

Another great link.

And here are some more great links - honestly I haven't tried them yet.   But will I?   It's free of course I will.

SAP Low-Code/No-Code Learning Journey - designed to increase low-code/no-code skills and teach citizen developers the basic concepts of software development and how to build mobile apps for free. Check out LCNC and much more free learning at SAP Learning site.
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