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Production receipt without demand

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I'm facing to this problem.

I have one finish good that doesn't have demand, at the configuration of the planning run profile I have customized inventory holding costs to each group of FG, I don't have any safety stock and in every run keeps asking for production.

I tried to manually input an inventory holding cost rate specifically for this product at doesn't work and send me a warning that the FG has incomplete inventory holding cost rate on KF leve.

Can anybody help me with some ideas?

Thank you!

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Answers (1)

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Hello ,

As per your information , you have maintained the Inventory holding cost in Planning run profile at Product group. Is this custom attribute at condition .

Below points is not clear , could you please share for better understanding of error

  • Do you face any error while updating Planning run profile
  • Error at Supply planning run


Rajesh Tiwari