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IBP Optimizer Supply Priority

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Hi experts,

Is there any way to set the SAP IBP TS Optimizer to consider a source location priority?

Even if the cost is bigger than another source location?


Customer Demand= 2000

Costs sourcing from Location A = 100

Costs sourcing from Location B = 200

Location A supplying constraint = 10.000

Location B supplying constraint = 1500

First, Location B, then Location A.

Customer Receipts

1500 receipts from Loc B

500 receipts from Loc A

Thanks a lot!

Victor Leão

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


You could use 'adjusted' key figures to enforce Optimizer Behavior. However, It is important to note that by doing so, you are defeating the sole purpose of using the Optimizer which is to minimize the overall cost of executing the model. Hence increasing the optimizer runtime.
If Optimizer has been carefully chosen as the tool to run supply planning, then the decision-making should be controlled via costs rather than via alternative methods.

If the customer has chosen to go with real costs, convince them to go for notional costs to accommodate such scenarios.



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