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Demand Prioritization in IBP R/S

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Hi Team,

As part of prioritizing the demands, it is obvious we want to consider sales order first over the forecast. But that doesn't mean I would want to consider sales order which is beyond 6 months or somewhere far in the planning horizon over the forecast that is due to be met current month or the next.

So, I prefer to have the demand priorities run in intervals of, say, a month - in each month, it should go through my orders and prioritize them [also of course considering the delivery priorities, which I can configure the rules]. But how do I achieve that in the planning profile app - I don't get to see any option to restrict the segment to consider the demands by due date.

I feel this is genuine ask and maybe some customers would have done something about this, please help how we can configure this.


Regards, Guru

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Hi Guru,

Try these steps:
  1. In the Planning Run Profiles app, go to the Demand Prioritization Rule tab.
  2. Create a segment and go into details. Define the Segment conditions as follows
  3. Click on 'ADD Item' and Select Object "Demand' and Attribute 'RequestedDateTime'
  4. Chose Date time Greater than or Equal to
  5. Repeat the above step to create a new line with the same attribute with AND Condition and Date range so that a bucket is formed.
  6. Also, add Demand Type 'FCST' and 'S_ORDER' in the segment condition.
  7. Furthermore, you can use 'Sort Attributes' option to prioritize sales order over forecast in the chosen time bucket.
  8. Repeat the same steps for the next segment but with a different bucket date

also see the help document link below for details on how to create a particular segment condition.