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Collections Management

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Hello all,

It is my first time implementing Collections Management, and after read a lot of documentation, I'm having a hard time figuring out what is the best practice to proceed with this problem.

Basically I have 4 company codes configured in the system. A Business Partner could be a client for only one or a combination of them, and I have 1300 BP.

Is it a good practice to create only one Profile, that has assigned all 4 segments (each segment represents one company code)?

For example if a BP is a costumer for Company Code 1,Company Code 2 and Company Code 4, when assigning the Profile to the BP, I will then assign a Group for each segment, but as I created only one profile, the other Segments (representing other Company Codes that this BP is not a costumer), will also exist in the BP Collections Master Data Tab.

Does this represent any kind of problem?

For example in this example above, Profile GC, imagine that this BP is only a costumer for AGR and BL segments (each segment is associated with only 1 Company Code), does this create a problem?

I cannot understand why the AGR line is blue. If this BP have a debt for company code BL, will it appear on the worklist for BL Group?

Thank you

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