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SAP SRM 7.0: Approval Levels

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Dear Experts,

I hope you can help me with my concerns regarding SRM shopping cart processing. I am auditing SRM 7.0 and I need to confirm the following matters:

1. In reference to this;, is it possible to increase the number of required approvals in the SRM step-by-step approval process to more than four (4) required approvers?

2. Is it possible in SRM 7.0 to add complex approval process wherein the type of asset to be purchased can be identified as either capital expenditure (CAPEX) or operational expenditure (OPEX) (like a dropdown menu to choose from) with each type having its own approval limit?

I would greatly appreciate if you can explain the answer to me in the most simple way as possible since I'm not a very technical person. Thank you.


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Dear Kevin,

You can check the following Wiki page, where you can find a lot of information about the SRM workflow. There are configuration guides, debugging hints and troubleshooting guides.

Best Regards,