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SAP DSN Integration with ECC Ehp8

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Dear Experts,

We're facing limitations with the SAP DSN product.

The scope item is Automation of Source-to-Pay.

  • Integration with more than one buyer account in Ariba Network is not supported.
  • Document status updates from Ariba Network to SAP ECC are not supported.
  • SAP Ariba only supports the NB (purchase order) doctype value.

However, the customer is using the Z-document types then how to map these documents accordingly.

Details for Goods Receipts

A goods receipt created in the SAP ECC system for a purchase order is transferred to Ariba Network. Once the goods receipt is received in Ariba Network, the status of the corresponding purchase order is updated with the goods receipt information.

The following movement types are supported:

  • 101 Goods Receipt
  • 102 Goods receipt for reversal of purchase order
  • 122 Return to supplier
  • 123 Reversal of goods return delivery

however, the customer is using MvT 103, 105, and 124 then how to deal with these..

Details for Goods Receipts

  • Cancellation of invoices by your suppliers is not supported.

I've followed these link


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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If you are not using S/4HANA Cloud but SAP ECC or S/4HANA On Prem version, I recommend you to not use 42K scope item.

Instead I recommend you to use CIG add-on approach, where you install add-on in SAP and you can customize through extensions / user exists etc.

Instruction for CIG add-on installation is here.

Some helpful screenshots on how to configure can be found here.

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Hi Prem, thank you for the clarification. I'll ask the further questions if required.

Mostly will relate to the integration of custom document types for PO once we'll start that activity I'll ask.

Best Regards